We wish to lend a hand to our sisters who are caught in binding ways of life, to release themselves and accelerate the building of a new system, based on a healthy balance between the masculine and feminine energies. “Women of The World Unite” is a collective album between Yael & The Mothers and over 40 female vocalists, choirs, speakers and musicians of diverse global backgrounds. Together with “The Mothers,” the album also features singers such as Joss Stone, Zap Mama, Amyra León and more... Each one of these women believe that by uniting their beliefs with their talents, they are knitting a net. Knitting a net of those who believe that music is a powerful tool to connect, inspire and transform our reality. The album, written and composed by Yael, comes from the heart of many women, marching together and believing in both their natural power and combined strength... The album brings the listener through elements of Rock, Soul, Gospel, Folk, Roots, Reggae, with a middle eastern spin at certain times. All songs poetically focus on peace, women, compassion, motherly responsibility, environmental care, and positive change. Set to be released in summer 2019... Click here, to read about Yael Deckelbaum or click here, to read more about Yael & The Mothers.