"Nominated For Song Of The Year"

“ Yael Deckelbaum is back big time. ‘Shuvi Lechan’ her first single out of her second album is one of the best songs that have been released in Israel this year. A high quality touching rock song just melts your heart.

Mako, Israel, July 26th 2011

“It’s only me and my luck”

“Only 21 and already she has performed on stage with Sir George Martin, The Beatles legendary producer and also received a hug, a smile and praises from him for her performance of ‘Obla Di Obla Da’ you can watch it tonight on channel 2. Deckelbaum and Martin, I cried my eyes out...Deckelbaum between George Martin and Mair Israel... ”

Iton Jerusalem, Israel, September 2000

“Beautiful Comfort – Yael Deckelbaum’s performance proves one thing clearly she has a great future a head of her.”

“ If you look right you will see the spirit of Joni Mitchell, if you look left you can’t not ignore the bomb of charisma that is responsible for all of this pleasure and if you look forward you will immediately notice the bright future ahead of Yael Deckelbaum.”

Taarbut Ma’ariv Newspaper, Israel, March 2009

“The Queen is Born – Yael Deckelbaum ground Zero a new album released by the Eighth Note a premier at the Barbie in Tel one word perfection.”

“The last weekend in Barbie, Tel Aviv was the premier of Yaels new album where she demonstrated great stage charisma, acting skills and an ability to sweep the crowd away.”

Globes, Israel, November 2009

“ 15 most recommended Rock albums for Passover”

“ Yael Deckelbaum ‘Joy & Sadness’ – we are talking about a very personal and mature album that places her as one of Israel’s most promising singers. It is very interesting to see where her career will develop from here.”

Mako, Israel, April 2012

“Due to International Women’s Day here are the 10 female singers who are the best in Israel...Names: Yael Deckelbaum.”

“Yael Deckelbaum is probably the most diverse singer/songwriter that is active in Israel today. She can sing anything and sound authentic, persuasive and exciting. She makes rock, pop, world and avant gard. Whoever heard her solo albums in English and in Hebrew knows that she can move from the most extreme mainstream to the edge of alternative and back. Whoever watched her in the unplugged show with Mchina knows how much warmth and power lies in her voice, her expression and performance. Also how she captures and amazing trip on reggae or blues and improvises with great joy. Her words touch the feminine side of creation in full blast and even if you are not a woman you can connect and be in awe from that side of her artistic personality.”

Mako, Israel, March 2012

“ Yael Deckelbaum”

“ A year and a half ago Yael Deckelbaum came along for a short performance on my radio show and I was blown away, this happened before a very special show she put together with friends. This show was completely sold out and had everybody cheering for more...”

Kutner Rock Online Magazine , January 2012

“Monsters Of Fame”

“Machina unplugged in a large Arts Center, Yael Deckelbaum’s casting in the show was brilliant. Yael is an amazing vocalist and her connection with Yuval contained harmonic perfection...when Yael Deckelbaum sang Janis Joplin’s Ball And Chain she did it amazingly and thrillingly. I remained overwhelmed as if I were Mama Cass Elliot looking at Joplin doing this song for the first time in Montereux Festival in 1967.”

Ha’Aretz, Israel, December 2011

“Three Palm Trees”

“ The Ozen Bar was filled to zero room when I arrived at the last minute to Yael Deckelbaum’s show. There was no room within the crowded place...the show didn’t include one Joni Mitchell song but it felt like Mitchell mysteriously appeared in Tel Aviv and looks and sounds much younger. Yael loves to interact with the crowd and throughout the show she encourages the audiences to be active and take part in the show.”

Radio station 106FM review , Israel, November 2nd 2009

“There is comfort”

“Don’t you dare miss Yael Deckelbaum’s new release. Yael Deckelbaum one of the best voices we have in Israel...’Joy And Sadness’ demonstrates Yael’s phenomenal talent...Deckelbaum is our folk sixties representative.”

Ma’Ariv Newspaper

“Joy Express”

“Yael Deckelbaums first album in Hebrew is one of the best albums of the year in Israeli music. It was worth the wait. Yael has cause me to have so much excitement in this past week ‘Joy And Sadness’ is Yael Deckebaums second album and her first in Hebrew. After we have all known Deckelbaum as a guest star with Shlomo Artzi and as a part of Ha Banot Nechama and after her first album was all in English, this new album gives us a chance for the first time to meet Yael as a Israeli/Hebrew artist.”

Zman Jerushalim, Israel, April 2012